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Hello everyone. Just joined the forums and have been reading through some of the threads. Already learning a lot.

This will be my first build, so I'm still quite new to many concepts of computer building. I'll primarily be using this rig for some casual gaming and browsing. I'll probably add some more features later down the road, but want to get the essentials soon (In the next few weeks if possible). So far the budget is looking to be around $600-$700. I'll be borrowing a monitor from a friend, so that will not be included in the budget. Yes, I need to buy an OS.
I've been looking primarily on Newegg (Not sure what other sites are reputable at the moment?). I don't see any overclocking in the near future, but who knows - I will get a better heatsink fan if I do. I'll be buying the GPU after the main build - thinking of getting the GTX 660 ti.
So, onto the basis of this thread: Are all of these parts compatible with each other, and does anyone have any advice on any upgrades/downgrades? Thanks a lot in advance. :)


CPU: i5-2500K Sandy Bridge

PSU: CORSAIR Builder Series CX600 600W

HDD: Seagate Barracuda ST1000DM003 1TB 7200 RPM

RAM: Kingston HyperX Blu Red Series 8GB

CD/DVD Drive: ASUS 24X DVD Burner


OS: Windows 8

GPU (Not included in initial budget): GTX 660 ti
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  1. Change your cpu to ivy bridge, and if you're down for ocing than go for i5-3570k.
    Don't know about win8, i'd go for win7, here's article to help you decide:,review-32553.html
  2. Thanks for the input. :)
    Are there more benefits to changing to Ivy opposed to Sandy Bridge CPUs?
  3. 5% to 15% increase in CPU performance
    25% to 68% increase in integrated GPU performance
    less power consumption
  4. Isn't that kingston ram 1.65 v? Get a set of Corsair Vengeance LP if so.
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