Is my gtx 670 defective?

I have had my Gtx 670 MSI power edition for about a month now and has run out of a chance to return it. I get low fps in crysis mostly with on ultra a low of 25 when it should never drop below 40. I have it overclocked +65core and +500mem any further and the drives crash.

This is very frustrating because i am getting around 20 fps lower than everyone else and I payed about 417 dollars for this card(which is a lot of money to me) and I want to know if what im getting is reallly the best i can get because if so then thats dissappointing

anyways here are my specs
HAF 912
850W corsair enthusiast series
GTX 670 MSI lighting edition(1241[in game using msi afterburner counter]/3500)
Gigabyte GA-970a-UD3
2x4GB 1333mhz
DVD Driver
Regular drive
Caviar Black 1TB

Please help, could it be a cpu bottleneck, is there anyway to tell, is my gpu defective? I'm at a lose right now.
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  1. That doesn't look like a CPU bottle-neck to me, at least not with such a CPU with that much of an overclock. That CPU shouldn't be a bottle-neck in any game. I think you're right about the card being defective, but the only way to prove that would be to test it in another system and test another card in your current system.

    Also, your PSU is way overkill. It's unlikely that this is the cause of your issues, but there is remotely possibility.
  2. I have seen many ppl post threads like these concerning MSI GTX 670. After some research I have found out that MSI massively overvolts the PCB components to clock the cards higher so your card is defective indeed.
    Don't go for MSI cards atleast for this generation.
  3. UGH! well i cant return the card(for my money its already up) is there anyway to get past this?
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