Full HD LCD monitor VS 3D-LED TV VS 3D-Plazma

I was thinking to replace my monitor (ViewSonic vx2835wm 27.5" 1920x1080) with a larger TV.
There are a few reasons for it:
1) Best viewing angle is all the way from the right side.
2) I can't see anything when it shows dark scenes, be it in a movie, a game or a simple photo.
sure I can change the "OptiColor Skin Tone" (option on monitor) but then everything else looks desaturated.
3) Only 1 HDMI port
4) It gets REALLY hot
5) No 3D
6) Its out of warranty, and I already had it twice at the lab for repairs.

I was looking at those 3 models, but I can't decide between them.


I use the current monitor for everything, work: Maya, 3Ds-Max, Photoshop, Premiere, After Effects. TV, Gaming from PC and consoles.
And every time I have to switch between the HDMI cables for that.

Is there maybe something else I should be looking for?
The sizes I'm looking for are 32" to 42" with a budget of no more than $1300.

I also know about the Dell monitor, but I don't want it for the sole reason of it being a Dell.
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  1. Ok :)
    I have this one for the past Month now and am loving it...http://shop.panasonic.com/shop/model/TC-P42UT50?t=specs

    And I use it for everything.

    Oops... Sorry... Mines the Led one... but the same model.... has a lot more connectivity options. Although I think it cost me twice as much as the plasma one.... but when I did the comparison side by side in the shop..... I kinda found the LCD to be quite worth it's price.....
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