What is the best gaming graphics card for my rig?

Here's my rig's specs:

CPU: Athlon IIX2 240 2.8ghz(overclocked at 3.07ghz)
4GB Ram DDR2
HDD: Samsung 300gb
DVD: Sony DVD Rom
mobo: Asus m2n68-am plus
current graphics card: GT 430 1GB 128bit (Overclocked at 910mhz)
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  1. PSU?
  2. I don't know the specs, but I'm quite sure it's a 500w ATX psu
  3. Are you clueless about it's brand? If you are, maybe you can post it's label here?
  4. Anything stronger than a HD7750 is likely to be bottlenecked by your CPU. That card also has the merit of not requiring auxiliary power. Even if your PSU is a CM (good for 430W) or an Apevia (perhaps 300W), you'll be able to run that card.
  5. Assuming worst case scenario of a generic PSU that actually is nowhere near 500W.
    Sapphire HD7770. $125 ($15 rebate)
    Anything more than that and the PSU could become a problem, and I suspect it would bottleneck as well.
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