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Just watch Richard Hammonds miracle of nature. He pointed out that serrated edges reduce sound. This is found with the owl and Noctua has a fan with this design.

I have x2 arctic F14 fans. Do you think it may help if I serrate the edges of these fans myself with a circular file.

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  1. It is likely that removing material from the blades will throw them out of balance and shorten their life. It may also have the opposite effect and make them louder. If you want to reduce noise. it's best to replace the fans with quieter ones and use noise suppression devices instead.
  2. Yeah I agree, unless it was designed like that it will be hard to get in exactly in balance. If you have reasonable skill in 3D design software you could probably make one to 3D print though. There's places which do it if you don't have your own.
  3. If you print, make sure that the matrix will handle the long-term stress forces of the spinning fan. The blade tips can be moving quite fast.
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