Problem in my zotac geforce gt 520 synergy edition 2gb

helloo people i have a big problem
i have brought a new system recently
i assembled it,
with intel i5 3ghz processor,
4 gb ram
500 gb hdd
and foxconn h61mx mother board
along with a zotac geforce gt 520 synergy edition 2gb ghraphic card
i m running windows xp sp2 on the system

firstly when i installed the windows and the driver softwares the comp had some problems then afterwards it started freezing such that not even the keyboard and mouse worked so i had to maually resart it through the power button
a couple of days ago i installed windows again this time after windows installation computer worked fine except for the graphics which worked a litle slow.
after i installed the graphics card driver and restarted it, the windows didnt load and again after manually restarting it, with last successfull configuration that worked the computer worked but did not had the driver installed in it correctly can sombody pllzzz tell me what to do.....
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  1. Could you test out the card on a friend's PC, to check if it's not a problem of the card itself.

    Which version of drivers for the video card did you install?
  2. Return it and buy a real card. Your not going to do any gaming with that hideous thing.
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