9600gt freeze under stress

Hi, I've had continuous issues with my new computer and I don't know whether it is the gpu or the psu.

I've ruled out the cpu, ram and motherboard.

The psu is allied 480w. It seems pretty poor quality. The 9600 seems to run fine most of the time, but then will freeze the entire comp if I put it under stress like playing crysis. After 30 or so minutes it will crash.

I bought an aftermarket cooler so it isn't overheating (60 under load). I was hoping there is a way I can find out whether I need a new psu or new gpu..?
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  1. What are your GPU temps at idle and under load (like when gaming)?

    I suspect that your PSU needs to be replaced, but lets see how your temps are first.
  2. Temps are fine. 60 under load. It runs quite cool. Thanks. I'll see about getting another psu.
  3. What is your idle temp? Also, how are you measuring?
  4. I'm using everest and confirmed idle using bios at 40.
  5. Understood. Sounds like the PSU is the likely culprit. Good luck!
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