Need help. Possible build

Hi all. My current gaming rig is on the ritz and getting old. Can you assist with the new build?

Here is what I'm looking at so far.

I have a case, video card, and 6gb/s sata HD. Can you advise on simialir items... Oh and power supply. I'm looking to stay around that price range with up grad ability later on (ie more ram, quad core processor, etc)
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  1. Forgot to mention.. I don't need an os =)
  2. None of those links work kind sir.
  3. My bad. Links updated in OP.
  4. I'm shooting blind here. Budget?
  5. Give or take $200. My apologies for the things I missed. Doing this from my phone BC the PC is down for the count. Mobo went out.
  6. I can push higher if need be... Any help?
  7. Do you need a power supply or did you state that you have one?
  8. I need a power supply. I wasn't sure about that part
  9. Ah, alright. Which video card? Need to know how much power to hook you up with.
  10. I currently have a nvidia gforce GTS 250... But I want room to upgrade to more ram, more powerful CPU, and better video card later, so... Go big or go home on power supply?

    Edit GTS 250
  11. Bump. Any assistance?
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