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I am building a new house in France. It is a standard to have RJ45 connections for both Telephone and computer usage in all bedrooms (4) and the lounge. Although I am a qualified electrician, I have little knowledge of what equipment and/or materials I need. Any help would be appreciated, so please respond by email to johnlesniak@hotmail.com
Many thanks, John
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    For internal wiring, you need Plenum CAT5e or CAT6 cable spools. At least in the US, to meet building codes you need special ethernet cable that meets fire standards.

    To do this right, you'll want a central location where you'd mount a punch-down block, where all the jacks will terminate at. From that block you'll run regular ethernet cables over to a router, the router will connect to the internet provider's modem. Most routers have 4 ports, so that will work for 4 PCs. If you want more than 4 ports active, you will need a larger switch to connect to the router. If you want to use wireless as well, you can get WiFi extenders and run those from the ethernet ports in the house.

    Note that ethernet runs have a max of 300 feet. Should not be an issue really even in a pretty big house.
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