Any brand 7870 or an xfx 7950

Basically I want to know what you would choose, because of price I can only grab a xfx 7950 and any 7870. Appreciate any advice or your share of experience with xfx
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  1. I recently bought a Sapphire 7870 and it works great. I think the highest temp I have seen is 60C. I got it for $245 after rebate.
  2. In England prices on gpu's are much more expensive, it's silly really but I'll put it in this perspective, £200 for any 7870 and £225 for 7950 xfx and only xfx. Obviously For that minor difference in price the 7950 is a better deal but I'm just unsure of the 'xfx' seeing as its quite abit cheaper then the other 7950's
  3. Anyone?
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