Will condensation form in my computer when...

my computer is turned on and gets hot in a cold room?

So, I have my computer in my freezing room. And, when I am not using my computer, the computer would obviously get very cold. Once, I turn on my computer and game, my computer would start to get hot.

Therefore, would this form condensation?

Please.. I am really curious and need answers to this question..

I really look forward to your replies.

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  1. Don't mention about turning on the heat in my room. I can't control the temperatures for that because I live in a dorm.
  2. The opposite happens. You get condensation when you have a cold surface and warm air. With a PC the PC starts at air temp (whatever that is) and gets warmer. So moisture from the air does not condense on the PC components. No condensation concerns for a PC in a dorm. Now if a cold PC was taken into or near a shower with hot humid air at a hotter temp than the PC you could get some condensation. (why would you take a PC into the shower -- answer - it's a dorm).

    Its not a bad question. For system with active cooling (e.g. mainframes use chillers and/or cold water for cooling or PC used to use peltier effect coolers) condensation was a problem that needed to be managed. And is hyper-Over-clocking with liquid nitrogen cooling you can see the ice forming around the MB components -- that can't be a good thing when the PC warms up and the ice melts. http://www.heatsink-guide.com/peltier.htm
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