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So Borderlands 2 is releasing soon and I want to take full advantage of the PhysX of this game. At the moment I'm using a EVGA Nvidia GTX 560 1GB. I'm looking to buy a decent priced card to use as a PhysX slave that won't cause bottlenecking. Was wondering if the GeForce 9800 GT would be a good pick or should I go with something higher priced?
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  1. A 9800GT would be fine. I wouldn't recommend spending more than $50 or so on a physX card since your main card isn't all that powerful.
  2. You need to max out your CUDA cores to get the best PhysX performance in a dedicated card. Be sure to look at some of the new low-end 600 series, like the GT 640, which has 384 CUDA cores and costs less than $100.
  3. I've got a GTS250 for my Physx and it works great. The minimum I would recommend is a 8800GT/9800GT. You want something with alot of cores.

    My GTS250 only has 128 and it works. Something like the GT640 would be great.
  4. On a game like Borderlands 2 that uses Physx, can a single card provide the same experience as a lesser card with a dedicated physx card? I have the Gigbyte GTX670, I would assume it would be powerful enough to max the settings and also handle the Physx related processing or does it truly require a dedicated card???
  5. IMO for the price of a 640 (~$100) he'd be better off selling that 560 and using the money to upgrade to a 660.
  6. If you have the 670, why not use your 560 as a PhysX card?

    I would expect that the more powerful single card would deliver the better overall experience - there's more to the game than PhysX, as much as Nvidia's marketing department might indicate otherwise.

    I would be utterly shocked if a 560 + physx card gave you an experience even close to a single 670. There's just no way. The 670 will deliver a far better experience.
  7. Ehh sorry, might have hijacked somewhat. The OP does not have a 670, I have a 670 and was wondering if you actually needed a dedicated Physx card to take advantage of Physx. I am assuming no and what you stated confirmed my suspicions. AKA, I will be able to take advantage of all graphics settings using my single GTX670, which should also be able to max out all borderlands 2 settings (including physx).
  8. Hah! Didn't catch that. :lol:

    You don't need a dedicated physX card to take full advantage of PhysX - you just need an Nvidia GPU. Since the game isn't released, I don't know exactly what sort of performance hit the physx settings will have on a 670, but I'd be shocked if you actually needed a dedicated physx card.
  9. Yes, according to Nvidia the recommended is a GTX 560, so I can't imagine a 670 would have any problems maxing the settings out.
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