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Hi Guys, I am here for an answer on whether should I buy a 20 pin to 24 pin for the motherboard and should I buy a new PSU.
Below is my old rig:-

Mobo: 671T-M3
CPU: E2160
Graphic card: HD 4770
HDD: Seagate 80gb
DVD drive: Samsung Write Master 20x
Ram: 4GB Kingston Ram
PSU: I-Cute ATX-450W/P4 (+12V, 20A, 240W)

With the above specs, my concerns are,

1. Should I buy the 20 pin to 24 pin converter for the motherboard?

2. Could the normal brand PSU power up the HD4770?
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    Don't use adapters. Just don't. This is currently the cheap one to get.
    Corsair CX430 v2. $47 out the door, $37 after rebate.

    Keep an eye on this one as well as they change prices.
    Antec 380W green. $50 out the door.

    Save yourself the headaches of adapters and sub standard PSUs. Get a good one. The Antec is slightly better then the Corsair, but not worth the extra $$$. (as long as you get the rebate that is...)
  2. Hi, thanks for the reply and expert suggestion. However, the Corsair PSU has no extra 4-pin for the motherboard. As observed the motherboard, it requires 20+4 pin and a +12V 4-pin. I just wonder if I could just use 20 pin power for the motherboard only although it requires 24 pin.
  3. I don't know what you are asking. The CX430 should have a 20+4 pin connector, which it does. It also has the 4 pin AUX connector as well.
  4. Deemo, it has an 8pin. Not all boards have the space to allow the other four to just hang off the side. Looking at the picture of the 8pin plug I can't tell if its a true 8 or a 4+4. I want to say its a 4+4 but I'm not sure.
  5. That's a 4+4. It splits in the middle. I've worked with the CX430 before (It's actually in one of my builds right now)
  6. Hi guys, thanks for all the advice. By the way, may I know is it worth to buy FSP Hexa 500W? I saw lots of them recommending this.
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