Upgrading GTX 550 ti

Nvidia and AMD have both released their new cards so i finally thought to upgrade my gtx 550 ti.. I live in Sri Lanka and i do not have so many brands and choices to select.. I have selected 4 cards and i want to know which one gives best performance for money.. I have mentioned the price because they are somewhat different from newegg price..

Sapphire HD7950 OC - Approximately 52000LKR-55000LKR ( Sri Lankan Rupees )

Sapphire HD7870 OC- 45000LKR

Axle GTX 660ti - Approximately 45000-48000 LKR

Sapphire HD7850 - 38000LKR

I know that HD 7950 is the best card among four. But i want to know that it really worth the extra money? or should i buy 7870 and oc it? I won't upgrade/Crossfire for at least 2 years and i won't upgrade my monitor..


i5 2400
Corsair GS600 ( 49A on 12v rail )
resolution 1920x1080
8GB ram
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  1. Yeah Axle cards are a lot cheaper than sapphire/Asus in here.. Also there is a noticeable price difference between asus and sapphire too.. I will go with HD7950.. I know my psu is capable of handling the card but i am using 4 LED fans (120mm), Fan controller, Xonar DG sound card, 1HDD and 1 SSD.. Am i still good to go with 7950 and OC it?
  2. Bought the card.. Thank you very much for helping..
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