Video cards harmed by new monitor?

I just purchased a new AOC 24" widescreen monitor for my desktop to replace my old one that was dying. It looked great for about a week then black screen "no signal" on boot up. This was with a Radeon 9600SE that i've used for years. So, I reinstalled the original Nvidia MX440 card that came with the computer and the latest drivers for it. This worked for a day or so and now black screen "no signal" again. Can a new widescreen monitor burn up these seasoned video cards? The 9600SE specs said it could handle the resolution of the new monitor. I'm out of spare AGP cards to try, but the monitor still works when I hook it up to my laptop.
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  1. I would suspect there is something else going on, because aside from EDID, it's basically a one-way system where video cards push data and monitors are supposed to then display the resulting signal.

    I would be far more inclined to think that something happened to the motherboard on this computer. Given it's an AGP era unit, that would put it within the timeframe where capacitors are more likely to start going bad, as just one of many possibilities. The PSU could also have gone bad, and is sending "chunky" power down the line to the AGP port and frying cards. As implausible as those two ideas are, I'd say they are almost infinitely more likely than the monitor somehow damaging the video card.
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