Radeon 6970 HD 100% activity 90 degrees temp on idle problem

I am having a huge problem and i am really worried with my Radeon 6970 HD 2gb
while playing games for e.g shogun 2 or if my pc is on idle the activity stays on 100% and temperature to 90 degrees please help the card was running great 2 days ago idle temp 40-50 activity 0 stressing max 80 degrees i have no idea what to do :(((
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  1. kristof55pl said:
    I am having a huge problem and i am really worried with my Radeon 6970 HD 2gb
    while playing games for e.g shogun 2 or if my pc is on idle the activity stays on 100% and temperature to 90 degrees please help the card was running great 2 days ago idle temp 40-50 activity 0 stressing max 80 degrees i have no idea what to do :(((

    when i've seen the temp i cleaned my entire pc and no changes i click on default settings in CCC t gone back to normal and then i did cant remember what it got back to the problem so confused :////
  2. Please don't double post the same question.

    So, is it running normally now or not? Not clear from your 2 messages.

    Also, what version of Catalyst are you using? 12.8?

    Have you installed any applications lately, since this problem started? If so, what applications?

    What, if anything else, has changed lately?

    Last, for now, have you scanned your system for malware/viruses lately?
  3. my card is up to date
    my pc is clean from viruses
    and no i havent done anything iwht the pc yesterday i was just gaming shogun 2 fots
    then i check CCC and the activity and temp went crazy so i decided to clean up the pc from dust but didnt change anything
    i've went to CCC performance and set to defaults although i never overclocked the GPU only fan speed it went to normal for few minutes and suddenly went back to the 100% activity and 90 temp i have no idea whats causing it
  4. the funny thing is the temperature only increases by 5 degrees when i stress it
    IDLE : 90 degrees 90% activity
    Shogun : 95 degrees max and activity 100%
  5. Are you measuring in Celsius or Fahrenheit? Also, what resolution are you gaming at (i.e. 1920x1080)?
  6. well my native resolution is 1920.1080 but i play shogun 2 on 1024 for 50-60 fps
    and its in celsius
  7. i never had this problem it just happend all over sudden yesterday and am just really worried because i dont want it to brake and dont want its life span to shorten because of the temp
  8. Running at 1024 (I assume 1280x1024) would put a greater load on your CPU and should make it run hotter. How hot is your CPU under load?

    Are you running any apps like Folding at Home that can take advantage of your GPU for data processing?
  9. never heard of the folding at home never seen it in my life and CPU is fine its just the card i found people having the same issue
  10. but no fixes .....
  11. What are the specs for the rest of your system? As you can see from my sig block, I too have a 2GB HD6970 and I have zero problems with it.

    Be sure to list the make/model of your motherboard and power supply along with the list of your other components.

    Also, are you overclocking anything (CPU, GPU, memory)?
  12. CPU : Intel core 2 quad Q8300 2.5
    GPU : Radeon 6970 HD
    RAM : 4GB corsair DDR2
    windows 7 64 bit
    1 tera byte HDD
    have no clue of my motherboard
  13. and never overclocked my GPU or CPU the only thing i changed in CCC was the fan speed
  14. now i 've managed to get the temp to drop from 90 to 69 by putting fan speed to 50% from 30% but its really loud and that i have no programs running just my web browser activity is still 100
    and on fan speed 30% temp never go higher then 80 even when i stressed the pc by maxing shogun 2
  15. So is your fan speed setting on AUTO or did you manually set it?
  16. manually
  17. To what setting? Also, why did you change it?
  18. because the default 20% was to low since one of the fans in my case broke so setting it on 30% was enough to keep to card cool even under stress but now i have to get it to 50% just to keep it on 69 on idle all out of sudden it started going that way
  19. Do you have any other programs, like SpeedFan, installed that can affect heat/fan settings?

    Which fan in your system is defective?
  20. i have speed fan but its turned off dont use it since i have CCC and the broken fan
    is on the top of the case Antec 3 speed fan pretty big it broke but the one to the back still works
  21. Okay, uninstall SpeedFan. It may still be affecting Catalyst. Report back with the results.
  22. ok
  23. uninstalled no changes
  24. Have you tried setting your fan even higher (like 70%)?
  25. but whats the point ????
    i am looking for a fix to get my GPU to normal so that i can play on fan speed 30% without it being 100% active on idle and going hot just by having it on i have no idea what made it go that way
  26. right now am just on google chrom with fan speed increased to 50 and temp is 69
    but 2 days ago when it was all alright i had it set on 30 and temperature never got higher then 50 and max 80 when stressed
  27. I am try to see if the GPU cools down proportionally to the increase in fan speed. It is possible that the heat sensor is defective.

    Does your motherboard have integrated video? If so, you can uninstall Catalyst and then remove the HD6970. Restart the system and let the system re-install the integrated video adapter. Once it is installed, shutdown and re-install the HD6970. You system will think you have a new video card and you can install a "fresh" install of Catalyst/drivers. This could help address any software conflicts in your settings.
  28. i will try that but i found a link i ll give u now if you scroll down guy found a fix to that but i dont know what he is talking about and have no idea where to find it can you look at it ? http://www.tomshardware.co.uk/forum/258815-15-catalyst-control-centre-problem-activity-when
  29. i dont get where he s going at with the control panel system settings dont know where to go or where to find it and the link he provided doesnt work :/
  30. That refers to a specific fix to disable the HDMI audio that the GPU supports. This capability is how the GPU can pass audio to a HDMI monitor/display. Are you using HDMI to connect to your display??

    Regardless, this was an issue with the drivers and was fixed in 11.4 (a while back).
  31. nno DVI only :/
  32. do you think uninstalling my AMD drivers will help ? or what if i unplugged this card and plugged my old nvidia 275 GTX install drivers uninstall and set the radeon back in ?
  33. Try the other video card route. The idea is to force the system to see a "new" GPU.
  34. ok am gonna swap cards now i ll be back in some time to post changes i ll also measure temperature with my nvidia to see if my cooling in the case is bad
  35. OK. I will be a while as well. Will check with you later today.
  36. Hows your heatsink? have you cleaned the dust out of it recently, worth a check....
  37. OK i've managed to fix the problem i swaped cards uninstalled drivers installed nvidia then i uninstalles nvidia and put my radeon back in and it fixed the problem but now i have another stupid problem card is fixed
    temp while browsing no gaming 35 degrees with fan speed on 35% but my new problem is when i am connected to the internet my CPU is going 100% active making my system incredibly slow and annoying if i unplug ethernet cable computer works as fast as lightning didnt have that problem when my card was a mess
  38. Are you viewing Flash stuff when it spikes? If so, update your Flash Player at www.adobe.com

    Also, make sure your network drivers are up to date.
  39. shortly seemed like my drivers for AMD radeon got messed up dont know how it happened deleting completely the faulty drivers and installing them again seems to fix the problem
    But now my CPU so tired of these problems any ideas i will be very thankful for any idea how to fix the CPU problem now thank you COLGeek for helping me with the card :)
  40. the thing is i dont need to go to the web browser for my PC to go incredibly slow just getting the internet connection kills my CPU bringing its temperature to 50 degrees on idle without cable no problem o.O
  41. You are welcome, my friend. Check the Flash Player update and your network drivers when you get a chance.
  42. it came out now that i need to update my java so its updating now tell u in few minutes :)
  43. is 55 degrees a dangerous temp for CPU ?
    i am still learning bout all that stuff and i dont know much about CPU's ?
  44. 55 at idle is a little high. 55 at load is excellent.
  45. am using fan speed atm to check the CPU and while am on web browser 1 core is 54 and the other 3 are 45-50 degrees :/
  46. Java updated and my CPU still max usage and really slow :/// any ideas :*(
  47. Did you ever get your case fan fixed on top of the case? That will help quite a bit!
  48. kristof55pl said:
    Java updated and my CPU still max usage and really slow :/// any ideas :*(

    Did you update Flash and the network drivers yet?
  49. ahhh mate i would love to buy new fans for my case but no money not even enough money to buy a cheap fan :/
    My card is superb now only 36 degrees while browsing before i was getting 69-90 so am happy now with my GPU but now my CPU is giving me a pain :/
    and COL all my network drivers are up to date and flash no idea whats causing my CPU to run so hard am just clueless now :/
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