MSI N660 Ti OR MSI R7950

I just got my brand new rig build and the specs are as follows

i5 3570k
AsRock Extreme 4
16 Gigs of Ares GSkill
Haf 912 with all fan expansions
Hyper 212
Antec 620w PSU
128G OCZ Agility SSD
1TB Seagate Bararacuda

The only thing I am lacking in and was waiting to get more money for was a new graphics card as I am running a XFX r6770 Core Edition
I want to upgrade and I was considering the two choices of the :

MSI N660 Ti


MSI R7950 Twin Frozr

Where I am no specialist in graphics cards, I want something that will effortlessly run BF3 and upcoming games at the highest resolution on an Asus 24" 1920x1080

I am open to suggestions, thank you guys in advance.
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  1. The GTX 660 ti is superior to the HD 7950 in Battlefield 3. It also has technologies such as PhysX, Adaptive V-Sync and TXAA. However, the HD 7950 is a better overclocker due to it's wider memory bus and is able to reach higher speeds. Both will effortlessly play any current game and are future proof in different ways. The GTX 660 ti with it's technologies and the HD 7950 with a higher compute power and overclocking potential.
  2. The 660ti is future-proof in a very *special* way... it has a crippled memory bus that runs around destroying your performance when you crank AA or resolution up and almost certainly will do the same thing to a greater and greater degree as games become more demanding in the future...

    The 7950 is the better card overall. I recommend the Sapphire card that is $280 after MIR on newegg right now.

    The 660ti is overpriced for what it is. The 660 or 670 are much better options than the 660ti if you want to buy Nvidia. The 660ti is just too expensive compared to the 7950.
  3. Neither of the HD7950 nor 660Ti will run at the highest visual/graphics settings at 1920x1080 without making some adjustments in many of the more demanding games.

    However, of the 2, the HD7950 is probably the stronger of the 2 across multiple benchmarks. As an indicator, check this Tom's review:,3283.html

    Still, both are solid choices and really can't go wrong with either of them.
  4. The 7950 will run everything at max settings if you OC (I would expect the 660ti to come close to running everything maxed out at 1080p as well, even though it won't OC as well)
  5. 7950 for the reasons mentioned above
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