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Hi all,

My last router fried during a hurricane storm(about time, it was a 5 year old Linksys). I have been holding off till Black Friday and now that it's around the corner I'm wondering what I should get?

My rig is upstairs, my modem is downstairs(and I have no way of routing a cable) so my rig has to be wireless.

I will be mostly gaming/side web browsing. I was also an Oblivion modder, and of course will be trying it out in Skyrim, so I will be downloading/uploading large files so I'm looking for a router that can handle this without dropping me every now and then (sometimes I would disconnect with my old router).

I am looking to pay $50-$60 for this router. I need nothing extreme, but nothing poor either. I feel like this is a good price for a good, possibly even great router. If you reccommend me a $70-$80 router, I'll look into it, it could go on sale this month. I'll also look at recertified if they really are worth it.

Got any recommendations for me?

Thanks guys :bounce:
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  1. can anyone help? I have no clue where to start!
  2. I would rather that you start with the spec.s you need and not the price..some parameters would be web interface, configuration options/flexibility, overheating or similar issues reported on the model (ask me, they matter !!) , modes of operation, 802.11n support, range of operation.., ADSL or pure router etc.
    Additional stuff : HDD support, plug play compatibility, additional security features, freebies..
    My favourite : Netgear.
  3. Someone told me to get a wireless N router. That's really all I know spec wise. I don't need fancy features, just plug and play, and the best download speeds my ISP lets me. I want a router that's wireless network is fantastic and will last me for a while.

    I'm looking at these two routers:
  4. I bought a netgear DGN2200, not very expensive, future safe(in terms of features),ADSL_Router (so no issues there), two antennas (so no access issues across the house).
    Easy setup for newbies and advanced options available when you're ready for it.
    Read up the specs and see if it suits you..
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