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Options for a 1,000$ budget gaming rig

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November 13, 2012 8:30:43 PM

hey guys!

I know you're probably asked this question many times, but i looked around on google, and i couldn't find updated articles on a good gaming PC for $1,000.

Could you guys maybe give me a few pointers on where to buy what, and how much to spend on something?

This is my first time building a PC. A cousin of mine offered to help me build it, but I should get the parts necessary first.

As i mentioned before, my budget is $1,000. $1,100 only if that's the difference between an upgraded GPU/cpu. My budget should include taxes.

I have a hardware store called Microcenter near my home in Irvine, and I hear their processors are cheaper than what might be found elsewhere.

So where should I buy the other components and for how much?

I want a good GPU and a good quad core CPU if possible. Could you guys please help me out?

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November 13, 2012 8:58:24 PM

butremor said:
Here's the article about build you need (os not included) for 1000$
Click tha link to see full specs and benchmarks.
You can go a bit cheaper and drop ssd.

sweet. Thanks. I think i can get an i5 3570k for 170$ from microcenter :D .

Also, would you recommend a Z77 over the P69 recommended in the article?

If someone could give me a 101 lesson on Motherboards and different brands of gtx660 TI video cards, that'd be highly appreciated.
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November 13, 2012 9:07:00 PM

if you will overcock then go for z77 (good are: asus, asrock, gigabyte)
as for gtx, in my understanding asus and gigabyte are most trusted brands