Guild Wars 2 fully optimized on a HP Pavilion Desktop p7-1234

I currently have a PC that runs Guild Wars 2 decently but I want to purchase a new PC that I can upgrade to run it fully optimized and on 3 monitors. I was looking at the HP Pavilion desktop p7-1234 (the price is more in my budget then an Alienware lol). From what I've learned about it I understand that out of the box it can run GW2 on Medium settings smoothly and it can display up to 2 monitors. But I also found out that if I upgrade the video/graphics card I can not only run GW2 on the highest settings, but I can add a third monitor as well. Here's my question (finally): Which graphics card should I buy to do what I'm looking for? I'm not very computer savvy when it comes to upgrades and such. I want to get the best possible graphics I can get out of this PC so I can run it smoothly and so it looks gorgeous. I know it may mean that I'll have to purchase a new PSU, so if I can get help in that area as well I'd really appreciate it. Thanks so much in advance.
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  2. you'd probably want at least a 7870 or 660 for 3 monitor gaming. I suggest a 7950 or 7970.
  3. I wouldn't get that computer. It wouldn't play the game well and with a high end graphics card it would overheat and complain. I would recommend building one yourself.

    Its alot easier than you think. Its just like electronic Legos. Unless you have no idea how to work a screwdriver, then you can do it. Here's a guide:

    I can put together some parts for your if you have a budget.
  4. Just for your reference. I play guildwars on a single 1080 monitor. My GTX 560 ti hawk cannot handle the game at max settings and there is a lot going on. It is a pretty demanding game shadows are on ultra and textures are supersampling. I ordered a 670 Power Edition, which is probably overkill but maybe not for 2 monitors. Hope this helps.
  5. GW 2 seems like a tough challenge for a computer. I have an i7 3770 processor (very slightly overclocked) joined with GTX670 times 2 in SLI. I OC the 670s, and pushed them almost to their limits with extensive testing. And sometimes the frame rate drops below 60hz. It never seems choppy though.

    I run on max appearance settings, at 1080p.

    I recall reading that by adjusting settings, you can get it to run on lower hardware, so maybe there's hope using a single higher end GPU on multiple monitors.
  6. Tom's Hardware did some extensive testing which may give you some help. Towards the end of the tests, they tested 2560x1600.
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