GTX 660 > GTX 460 SLI?

Alright so there was this sales person in Hong Kong and he told me that this Computer will beat my Desktop. My desktop is kinda old so i dont expect much. its just a GTX 460 SLI (EVGA) running on AMD (im not really good with computers) and apparently this laptop contains a GTX 660, not GTX 660M. First of all even though I am completely oblivious to graphic cards, but i dont think they can really shove a Desktop GTX 660 in there. shouldnt it be a GTX 660m? and if it is a GTX 660m will it out perform my GTX 460 SLI? I think i am being cheated here. and if the picture its too small here is the original picture. Thanks guys! *cheers*

Let me do a quick translate

Intel Core I7 3610 QM 2.30GHZ
15.6 LCD
4GB DDR 3 1600 Memory
NVIDIA GeForce GTX660 (2GB DDR5)
Blu Ray
Window 7

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  1. I don't think that laptop would be able to compete with your desktop. Also, you are right, it is the GTX 660M, not a desktop card. Without your desktop specs, I can't really say more.
  2. A 660M shouldn't be able to beat 460's in SLI.
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