GTX 560 SLI [Non Ti] VS GTX 660 Ti vs GTX 680 :D

hey guys i get new PC soon :D

i just wondered which would be better, GTX 680 probably BUT THAT IS NOT AN OPTION but i just put it in there to compare :D

Anyways a MSI overclocked cost £102 each so thats £204 for SLI, the GTX 660 Ti is £233 for Gigabyte 2X windfroce.

The CPU is 3570k 8GB ram will upgrade to 16 in future ofc and PSu just an OCZ 750w BRONZE nothing special.

Please reply. ty :D
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  1. Get the radeon 7950 and you don't need more than 8 gb of ram for gaming!
  2. k
  3. but i like nvidia better :(
  4. between your 2 option i ll go with the gtx 660 ti. there is no reason to sli since you dont already have the one! also as maxh22 said 7950 is better choice than gtx 660 ti!
  5. Ok ill pribably go with the 660 ti since the only difference is the 192 bit. Thanks for your help.
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