Need help: Home server

Okay so I'm building a home server to run a gaming server.
I'm just buying a mother board, cpu, and ram and putting
it into my desktop (Which i don't use very much anymore).

The desktop is the: HP Pavilion Slimline s3707c Desktop

So what I'm wondering is if the parts I'm looking for are
good for what I need them for.

Here is the motherboard:

I don't know if I should decide between the cheaper CPU which
has a lower bus speed and frequency or the more expensive
one with a larger bus speed and frequency.

Here are the CPU's:

And of course the 16GB RAM:

So I'd just like to make sure all these parts are compatible with
eachother and with my desktop? Are my parts good for hosting
a gaming server? Any parts you would recommend instead of
these? Any other info?

Thanks for the help.
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  1. None of your links work.
  2. zdbc13 said:
    None of your links work.

    The links work now
  3. You aren't going to have a lot of luck trying to replace the mainboard in a HP branded slim case. I wouldn't even bother trying. Either make so with what;s in that computer now, or toss it and get a new case.

    Do you have the system requirements for the game server? What game is it? You probably don't need as big of a system as you would think.
  4. I say start from scratch too. You could possibly use some of the parts from the PC though. At least get a different case to put it in. That will be much more upgradable for the future. I also recommend shopping at for parts. If you give us some specs and budget we can help you come up with something.
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