Which GeForce GTX 670

I'm going to b e building a new PC and heard that the 670 is a great card I was just wondering which ones are the best. Please help out a first timer. Thanks! :)
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  1. The MSI PE is pretty good, but I prefer mine Gigabyte N670-OC-2GD.

    Reviews at

    Gigabyte OC 9.8/10 & Tom's hardware .com Recommended Buy.

    MSI PE 9.7/10
  2. BigMack70 said:
    When they reviewed the cards, the Gigabyte was $30 cheaper than the MSI, affecting the score. That's no longer true, so comparing "scores" so to speak is not really relevant.

    Actually it still is, MSI is 409.99 with a $10 rebate card on newegg, Gigabyte is 399.99 flat on Amazon, sold out today on newegg because they offered a 10% of coupon($359.99) last Thursday, if you can't be bothered with mailing a bunch of stuff for $10 like me you'd take the Gigabyte. Not saying Gigabyte is better(9.8 vs 9.7 don't scream "better" anyway) or even trying to compare the score(I just listed them as title for the link to reviews), but Gigabyte can go toe to toe with any 670 variants.

    Here is another "Which 670 to get" topic on, should provide helpful information.

    Editor's Choice at

    Neither card will disappoint you, I actually debated between the two cards for a while when I was planning to get them, in the end Gigabyte's better noise/temp data in review and its cheaper price without rebate convinced me. It haven't disappointed me so far.

    From the two review I listed.

    Gigabyte 670 OC(left) MSI PE(right)

    Slightly worse performance wise(if you can see the difference between 70 and 72 FPS) at stock, OC is more about even you can check out the result by searching them on is mostly silicon luck), better cooling and noise performance for Gigabyte.
  3. The power edition with a mild overclock is faster than a reference 680, great value right there. Also the Twin Frozr 4 will keep it nice and cool while you do so.
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