First pc build. advice for gaming specs?

Hey guys just looking for advice on a gaming system building to mainly play games like BF3, Elderscrolls online (when released lol) and skyrim n such, if you can give me any advice that would be great as this is my first build! ( I'm sick of trying to oc my hp mini 311 to "try" and play games lol.. Here's everything I've accounted for my budget in order of which I'll purchase..

Zalman z11 plus mid case (ordered)
Asrock extreme 4 970 mobo (ordered)
Amd phenom ii 4 965 BE
128gb ocz agility 3 sata iii SSD
Corsair vengeance DDR3 pc3-16000-(2000) (unsure if Its compatible and whether it's best choice?)
Ati radeon HD 6670 2gb (unsure, spending up to £70 with possibility I'll crossfire/Sli in future)
DVD RW drive
Wifi card (100mbs, good?)
500w Psu (unsure on make)
Windows pro 64bit
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  1. Forgot to mention the ram is 2x2gb
  2. On a budget build, I'd drop the ssd for a 500gb or 1tb HDD and use the extra money to improve your GPU. Also, 8gb of cas 9 RAM is best. BF3 is intense game and needs resources. I have seen as much as 6gb used while playing bf3.

    500w PSU is fine. Buy corsair, sea sonic, or cooler master. Get 80 bronze.

    What is your monitor's resolution?
  3. Thanks for the reply, is this any better? ? Also, no. I have a really old school VGA monitor I'll be using until I can afford a new one or even a refurbished one. My girlfriend is getting me the gpu for Christmas, but do I need to know which monitor I'll want?

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