Msi GT70 GTX 670M Isn't being used

I've had my GT70 for a couple months now and am fully fed up about the fact that I paid $2000 for this laptop and it can't run games as well as my cheapo $400 4 year old desktop could. I've seen this problem show up in some other forums with the issue still not being resolved.

My computer insists on using the Intel Graphics 4000 rather than the 670. I go into the Nvidia control panel, have it set yes to always use the Nvidia GPU, and have manually set programs to use it aswell, yet I still get no performance out of it what-so ever.

I downloaded Furmark and it clearly shows that the 670 GPU is not running, and little active bar I turned on in the Nvidia settings shows it's not running either.

I have the power plan set to high performance and have also tried gaming with no results.

Let me be clear here, I can't get 20+ fps in minecraft, nor can I get it in WoW, Diablo, or Star Craft.

Does anyone know why this is? Would resetting Windows help or should I just file for an RMA?
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  1. Have you had a look in the bios?
  2. Burgies said:
    Have you had a look in the bios?

    Just did. I didn't see anything there mentioning the graphics card. Just some basic other settings. Though it is being recognized seeing as it's noticed in Fulmark, I just can't tell what's preventing it from activating.
  3. It still sounds like a bios issue to me. Sounds to me like your laptop is using the onboard instead of your discrete GPU.
  4. Did the problem just start or has it always been this way? Sorry, I didn't find it very clear in the OP.

    Also, under you BIOS, if not under an iGPU configuration, look for it in System Agent configuration and shut off Intel HD Graphics.

    Are you using Lucid Virtu?
  5. Also, it's worth checking if the GTX 670M is even being detected.
    Go: Start>Computer>Manage>Device Manager>Display Adapters

    Mine shows both my discrete card, and my Intel HD 3000, check if yours does.
  6. Plug your AC cord in while playing games. Your computer probably isn't receiving enough power from the battery alone in order to run the discrete graphics card. It worked for me anyways. I have a msi GT70 aswell, and tried to play Starcraft with out it plugged in. It barely trucked along on medium graphics, and ran okay on low. I plugged it in and then it ran that sucker on not ultra, but extreme graphics with barely breaking a sweat. Granted the frame rate on extreme still goes down to about 15-20 fps. However, the game play still feels quite smooth.

    hope that helps.
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