Not detecting Graphics card.

I uninstalled all my old drivers, took out old card put in new card but its not giving me any signal on my monitors. I can see windows by useing my CPU's IGPU.

I can see the led's on my card lit up but the fans aren't running.

Maybe something in bios will turn on my discrete car.

Any help will be appreciated.
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  1. I didnt get any video signal off either of my monitors I tried hdmi and dvi.
    I turned off my pc and connected to my igpu on my motherboard instead , everything works fine it boots.
    I go to device manager and it doesn't detect the card. I use the cd to install the drivers it doesn't detect the card.
    I tried moving the card to a different pci-e slot still no luck.
  2. What hardware are you running? Have you connected the power up properly?
    EDIT: By that I mean plugged in any 6/8 pin PCIE connectors?
  3. Yes power is stup correctly and my pc specs are in my signature.
  4. You said that it isnt detected in device manager, and you detect it at bios? and is intel graphics disabled?
  5. Its not detecting anything in my device manager, its not detected in my bios because my bios doesn't even have that option. Intel graphics are enabled or else I wouldn't be able to see anything. Ive tried changing the Internal graphics adapter setting in my bios but nothing is getting the graphics card to work.
  6. Can you try the new card in another system? The new video card maybe DOA.
  7. I would have expected there is some way to locate what is attached to the motherboard in the bios. I know my asrock board allows you to mouse over an image of the board to see what is being picked up in what ports.

    Do you have any way of trying the card in a different computer?
  8. No sadly I don't have another system to try it in.
    Any other ideas there has got to be some other way to see if its DOA.
  9. Did you buy it from a local store? If so they should be able to test it for you, might be a small fee however.
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    Boot, disable onboard GPU, set graphics to PEG. Shut down. Plug and connect card properly via DVI. Reboot. Result?
  11. Smeg45 said:
    Boot, disable onboard GPU, set graphics to PEG. Shut down. Plug and connect card properly via DVI. Reboot. Result?

    I know how to set graphics to PEG but I don't see an option to disable on board. Im on a MSI Z77 GD65 motherboard.

    And I don't want to do it in windows device manager because it will be a huge problem if this doesn't work.
  12. Your BIOS should have an option to disable onboard.
  13. Talked to MSI its a DOA =,( thanks for the help guys.
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  15. Thats rough mate, I have a 670 coming from them later this week. Its pretty exciting getting new tech and would be a kick in the teeth to not have it work.
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