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Not sure if this is where to put this but, I've been seeing mini itx gaming pc's and i'm not sure if they are good or if i should go with a normal tower build. I like that they are small and compact but i worry about too much heat what do you all think?
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  1. mATX are ..okay.. They do run hot, and many larger graphics card won't fit inside.. As as you say, they do run hotter than a normal ATX. Though if you're not doing too much gaming at max settings I would think you should be okay.

    - Chris
  2. ya so like call of duty and bf3 max setting would be bad for it?
  3. I'm certain you CAN play BF3 possibly on max settings, however the fps and temps, I couldn't guess on.. Obviously better fans would help with an matx case, since airflow can be an issue with matx systems.
  4. **/ EDIT /**

    You did make a mistake putting mITX instead of mATX right?

    I assumed you did...Either way..What I said pretty much stands.. except more so.
  5. well i typed in mATX in google and everything in spelt mini- Itx thats why i wasnt too sure lol
  6. LOl okay.. Well, If you're thinking mITX - then you answer is now to you question.. I'm sure it will play SOME games..Just not what you want..

    mATX on the other hand should do it okay :)
  7. hmmm damn ok thx
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