Asus VE228H Problem (Dithering?)

Hey guys I have a problem with my brand new Asus VE228H 21.5" 1080p monitor

There seem to be some kind of dithering artifacts or something, it manifests as like an increased screen-door effect whenever there is motion on the screen.

The problem also presents itself when you move your eyes like turning your head side to side while staring at the scrollbar on the side of the screen.

It basically ruins the image.
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  1. You're expecting image perfection with a TN panel display?
  2. it has 5 stars on newegg, i wasnt expecting such a highly noticeable visual artifact that is present almost 100% of the time I am working on the computer.

    can you recommend anything sub-$200? maybe their 2ms panels are better than the 5ms ones in this regard?
  3. One customer's feedback on the Asus VE228H, assuming it isn't you:

    Pros: Might be good, if it didn't display a faint diamond crosshatch pattern anytime something moves on screen or I turn my head from side to side.

    Cons: There is either something wrong with my monitor or there is something wrong inherantly with my brain with viewing these cheap LED-LCD monitors. Anytime I physically move my head from side to side, or drag elements around on the screen (like the scrollbar of a webpage) a faint diamond crosshatch pattern becomes visible. It goes away when things stop moving. It is so distracting that I am going to return the monitor. I believe it is some kind of flicker rate issue or something.. either way my monitor is not satisfactory. My old Dell 1280x1024 does not show these motion artifacts and it also renders text much better. Text is clearly defined to a single pixel width on the Dell 1280x1024 monitor whereas text on the 1080p Asus monitor appears to stretch over 2 pixels, causing the text on the 1080p monitor to actually be *less sharp* than the 1280x1024 monitor. Yes I have messed with cleartype, I believe this is an issue because this is such a cheaply made 1080p monitor.
  4. That was me lol
  5. I think I am going to try the 2ms panel, the VH236H
  6. Is your graphics card outputting a 1920 x 1080 signal to the display? The display should be sharpest when running at its native resolution. Any resolution below the native resolution will result in a soft image.

    Are you using the VGA, DVI or HDMI input on the display?

    Are you using the same graphics card that you used with the old Dell 1280x1024 display?
  7. I believe what you are seeing is ghosting. There should be an option called trace free. Putting this down should make it go away.
  8. no what I am seeing is the dithering artifacts because it's a TN 6-bit display that uses temporal dithering, and I think my unit might be slightly miscalibrated because it is very obvious on mine.

    also, the one I had isn't one of the tracefree monitors, those are the 2ms ones. mine was 5ms.
  9. ko888 it was running @ native res, 1920 x 1080, and i tested HDMI and DVI

    everything with the GPU is fine, its a sapphire 6850
  10. futurefields said:
    ko888 it was running @ native res, 1920 x 1080, and i tested HDMI and DVI

    everything with the GPU is fine, its a sapphire 6850

    Yes, it's gotta be a problem with the VE228H.

    I gave up on TN panel displays many years ago because I didn't like the color shift when viewing the display on center and you glance towards the corners and edges.
  11. I had read a description on that version (not asus site) and it said trace free but then I looked at the manual; you are correct and don't have trace free. What about sharpness and focus. I still believe it is a setting issue rather than a hardware issue.

    As for viewing angle, it depends on the quality of the tn monitor. Never had the issue on the good dell, lg, and hp monitors I've had/worked on. The asus vs248h-p I have now is only noticeable when looking from below and isn't much of a shift.
  12. its not a setting issue

    it doesnt matter at this point because i returned the monitor

    I am going to try the VH236H next, the "evo" monitor
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