Cant decide radeon 8000

I cant decide whether to buy a radeon hd 7950 now or get the radeon hd 8950 once it comes out. When should it come out (before/after 2013)? Is there a notable performence increase? How long would the hd 7950 last until it cant run all games at max at 1600 or so resoloutions (how many years/generations of gpu i.e. the 5000 gpus can still run most current gen games on max)?
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  1. If you wait for the 8000, then you'll be waiting for the 9000, and then whatever comes after that.

    What do you have now? If you want to wait, go for it. If you don't, go for it.
  2. The only reason to wait IMO would be because you already have a pretty substantial graphics system. As already stated, if you are going to wait for the 8000 series then why not just wait for the 9000 series and so on.
  3. If you are playing on a 1680x1050 screen, chances are the newer card wont make a difference to performance. Upgrade the rest of your rig first.
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