XFX AMD 7750 400w PSU?

Will this Antec 400W PSU be able to run an XFX 7750?


XFX 7750

The XFX says its requires 450w PSU but the ASUS 7750 says it requires 400w, so does AMD website.

Will this PSU be able to run it?
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  1. Should be plenty. Sometimes you can even run a 7750 on 250W (but I don't condone that)
  2. Yep, the maximum possible draw (as in you couldnt supply more power to it) is 75W. You should be fine to put a 7750 on nearly any PSU.
  3. Easy. I'm running a 350Watt btx/itx with a i5 3570k and a 7750 no issues.
  4. Will a Pentium g620 sandy bridge bottleneck this card? I can't afford an i3
  5. I doubt it. The 7750 is the lowest end card in the current AMD line-up. It would require some pretty old hardware to bottleneck that.
  6. Possibly. The big issue will be your frequency. There is a big difference between 2.6 and 3 ghz for frame rates. You'd be better of grabbing a g2120 if you can afford the $40. If not wait a month or whatever to get the extra cash. You'll probably regret it if you don't.
  7. Well 2 people say yes and no idk. Also would I be able to upgrade in the future to a 6850 with the same 400w PSU or will I have to buy a new PSU
  8. I agree with saving a little for a better cpu, you may regret not doing so. It will give you longer use.
  9. Well I saw someone on YouTube playing with a 550ti. I'm
    Not a hardcore gamer like u PC players are. I play occasionally mostly Cod4 and just Minecraft. I may get bf3 and if I do im going to lower the settings. I will have to get a core i3 later I really just don't want to spend that much.
  10. The G620 is pretty good. I have the G530 and it works great
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