First gaming rig-Need last minute advice

Hello, I plan to buy this pc within 1-2 weeks and I need some last minute advice.

Ram: (Already purchased)

lastly, I picked out two PSU's and I am not sure which is better.
PC power and cooling mkIII 500w
Antec Earthwatts 750w

I am leaning towards the earthwatts beacouse its a pretty good deal for 750w's.
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  1. I'd say the Antec one was better, though 750W is seriously overkill!
  2. I like the pc power and cooling because its a modular psu, but the antec is a great deal.. . You could get by just fine on the 500 watt unit, and have great cable management too! :) Win win
  3. I am not sure, can the motherboard I picked out fit the 6870?
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