Wont install drivers hd 6970 horizontal lines bsod atikmpag sys

Intel core i3-2130
Asus P8B75-M LE, Intel B75, S 1155
HD RADEON 6970 Iceq
8GB (2x4GB) Corsair XMS DDR3 PC3-10
600W CX Series V2 PSU
Crucial v4 128GB SATA 3Gb/2.5" SSD
Windows 7 HP 64bit

Just built a PC for the first time and Graphics card won't work properly.
The LG HDTV (HDMI Cable) works (with horizontal white lines) and when i downloaded the latest drivers online and restart i get the blue screen of death (mentioning atikmpag.sys).

I've reinstalled windows and used driver sweeper and ccleaner and tried earlier graphics card drivers but the bsod keeps popping up and won't let me boot up properly

Everything seems to be plugged in the right place and the fans are running.
Please someone tell me I've forgotten something stupid.

P.S - my LG E2242 Monitor just goes blank and into power saving mode

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  1. Is Windows 7 fully up to date (including .Net framework)?
  2. yes
  3. Do you have access to another display/monitor? That really looks like a frequency synchronization problem between the GPU and the HDTV. You could also try connecting to the HDTV via VGA just to get the drivers sorted out as an option as well.
  4. i also used a LG E2242 VGA using a DVI adapter (that came with the graphics card) but it just goes blank and into power saving mode.

    I'm guessing it's either a faulty graphics card and or not powerful enough PSU?
  5. Your PSU should be fine.

    Try the other DVI port. One of them is DVI-D. It is digital only and will not work with the VGA adapter.

  6. my VGA-DVI adapter is plugged into the DIV-I
  7. Stealth_Banana said:
    my VGA-DVI adapter is plugged into the DIV-I

    And you still get a dead screen? If so, I suspect a defective GPU.

    Do you have both PCIe power connectors firmly attached to the video card?
  8. yes
  9. In your BIOS, is the on-board video enabled or disabled? Do you intend to use Lucid Virtu (hybrid graphics)?

    Not to insult your intelligence, but you don't have the display connected to your motherboard video ports and not your video card do you?
  10. it's disabled and no display is connected to the motherboard
  11. Stealth_Banana said:
    it's disabled and no display is connected to the motherboard

    Just checking, had to ask.

    It really sounds like you should RMA your GPU at this time.
  12. yea you're probably right :(

    thanks for your help :)
  13. Good luck! Of course, you can still use your integrated video until the replacement GPU arrives.
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