Need a HDTV for PC Gaming. Help!

im looking to play my pc games on a large TV (not those 22inch monitors, but big TV ones) in the living room. what is the BEST gaming TV i can get that will play my PC games flawlessly? (budget is 3k max)
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  1. I'd look for a 55 inch 120 or 240 hertz model with 4.5 ms response time. You might find one on sale black friday/cyber monday for around $700-800 such as this one:
  2. The best way is to go to a store and see diffrent models (after you get to tune them up if the store allows it), and then decide.
    TVs are very subjective and not always best quality is what you like most.

    Just remmber: A common trick stores use is to tune better tvs they want to sell and tune worse tvs they dont want to sell at that moment, so make sure you can run the same contenet on tvs when comparing, and that are tuned up to their best viewing image.
  3. They are a bit overpriced but I am a big Sony Bravia fan (own two, with one connected to an htpc in my bedroom).
  4. The old 55 inch bravia's are being sold at $899 at a couple of places; only disadvantage is the power consumption; the sound might be superior to newer models.
    Here:*7WaaTN6umc&sourceid=05754903262624329383&veh=aff. The led's use less energy.
  5. You also want to take a look at reviews if you can find them for input lag thought I beleive as long as you use HDMI connections your fine. As other suggested you probably want to first look at TV and specs to see what you like I mean you can get a massive 92 DLP for about 3k,

    Just depends on what you want in a TV.
  6. Have you tried gaming on a large TV? I have found mixed results, we have a beasty HTPC connected to a 55in Sony Bravia LCD. Certain games, especially first-person shooters can be horrible. It is hard to see the crosshairs on CS:Source. Portal 2 having no crosshairs was amazing.

    If you can, try the games on a larger TV to make sure it is not annoying as hell. My mate played league of legends on it and just got sick of it.

    Not sure what you play, just thought I would mention it. All the best finding the right TV. Also I love the TV itself, 55in is great for movies.
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