Can HD5450 Or Hd 6540 Work on 250 Watt PSU?

I have Intel E5400 2.7GHZ Dual-Core (Pci-e x 16 Support)

With 250Watt PSU

Can HD 5450 1GB ddr3 Or HD 6450 1GB ddr3 Work on 250Watt PSU?

Some Say It Can & Some Say it Won't So Guys Mind To Help?

Also Can Anyone Suggest A card That Can be Fit in 250 watt PSU Other Then HD5450 & HD 6450?
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  1. It will work, but is there a reason for buying such a weak card?
  2. Yes, but it won't help you in gaming very much.
  3. What About HD 7750 Or HD 7770?
  4. 7750 might work on that power supply, but I wouldn't risk it. 7770 definitely will not work. You really need a better power supply for a gaming capable graphics card.
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    7750 will work. That is a relatively low power CPU, together with HD 7750 it won't consume more than 110 watts of power. Other components won't use more than 40 watts as well.
  6. This Afternoon,i Go 2 d Store & Wanted 2 buy d HD 5450 But d PC Guy There Recommended me The HD 7750.He said There's no need to Replace my PSU & HD7750 Would Be Fit in my PC Without Any Prob Since HD 7750 Doesn't Need An External PSU(He Even Recommend HD 7770).Just to Make Sure i Didn't Blew Anything up After 5 Or 7Days :D I ran into Couple Of my friends (Friends That Only Awake In Night bcoz Of late sleep'ed playing Game's :kaola: ) They Say,It Fine To Run HD7750(Unconvincing Voice When They Say it).So Am a Bit Confuse Now :sweat: Can i run HD7750 1GB ddr5 on 250Watt?And What Type Of Game That It Can Handle?In Medium Sett Or Low? ( i Know i had to buy a better PSU So The Best Answer Please About The HD7750?I'm Afraid I can't Hold This Money For A long Time Thou Might End Up In A Bar :sol: )
  7. It depends on the amount of amps on the 12V rail of your power supply. Could you possibly read the label for us?
  8. The guy in the shop is an idiot, the HD7770 is not safe to run at all.

    Unless it is a crappy 250W you could be ok with a 7750.

    Maybe open your case and look for a label on the powersupply with the amperes on the 12V rail.
  9. Lol, beat me again.
  10. Yes, both of these cards consume less power under load.
    It should work on a 250W PSU.
    Maximum power provided by PCI-E slot = 75W
    CPU = 65W
    HD 7750 is also the best card if your on budget.It gets power through the PCI-E slot and does not require 1x6 pin connecter.
    I would recommend at least 300W minimum but since your CPU requires 65W to run why don't you give it a try and see how it goes.
  11. ^ HD 7750 doesn't consume 75 watts, it consumes 55 watts at load.
  12. I've Make My Decision (Beer + Common Sense :pt1cable: ) I just Buy d HD 7750 & work Perfectly Fine On Skyrim,Dirt 2 & 3 ,Diablo 3 & Mafia 2 with Med Sett.So A big Thanks to Sunnius,jallenlabs,Unreal 9400,Deemo13 u guys are the best & SPECIAL THANKS TO robjordy(i Absolutely Agree About The PC guy Lolx! :kaola: ) So Once Again Tack så mycket från Sverige!! :hello:
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  14. Var sa god ! :D
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