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hello i just built my computer about 2 weeks ago.\ and worked fine. now its been randomly shutting off with no warning or anything or no errors after i restart it. it will only come back on if i unplug the power supply and then plug it back in. everything is new on my build

asus m5a97 mob
amd fx 8120 black edition
avga 550ti gfx
inland 500 watt power supply

ive run a stress test and did fine and temp never gets over 45C usually stays around 19 i have six fans in my case the case is a diablotek evo 3
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  1. It sounds like either a power supply issue or a motherboard issue. I had a PC a few years ago that did this. It turned out it was the motherboard. If you have a spare PSU, swap it out and see if it still happens. Also, check your event viewer and see if anything looks wrong, but in situations like this, there generally isn't time to log anything before shutting down.
  2. Get a new power supply from a good brand. Antec, Thermaltake, Corsair, PC Power and Cooling, etc... First thing to do, based on the cheap power supply you are using, it's more likely that than anything else.

    Since this is new, return that power supply for a refund.
  3. i also cant access my bios it will freeze when i get in to try to look around
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