My computer was an XP Desktop (with nvidia Card)

Sorry i should get this right now....

My Computer Is Compaq but dont realy know the motherboard info, the system is year 2000, and its Intel(R) Pentium4 well its a 12year old motherboard computer system, and it came with the nvidia video graphics card and itworks with everything, and just change the that system to Win7 Ultimate 32bit, and my computer is a Desktop (its upright stand harddrive) its not a laptop... well is was and old computer, and i format the system, and its brand new again that the system is....

got all the other device back but not the nvidia video card, everything that works so far, but it realy need the driver of my games and video, because they on low to bad quality not playing properly my nvidia driver is GeForce4 MX 440 with AGP8X, its works with xp good as pronto, when i format it the system to change to win 7 32bit ultimate it didnt pick it up, the nvidia driver, i tried everything to get it back but it need the right programs for it...
even i try to update it.... please help (would command prompt will do any change to it)?
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