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Hello, first of all thanks for your time.

I have built my own pc about two weeks ago (upgrade). Since i started gaming i encountered some blue screens or just crashes without blue screens. I have run some tests so far. Memtest86+ v4.20 This caused some errors. I ran it last night for 11 hours which caused 0 errors. Rebooted and ran again an got like 8000 errors in one minute. Could you please find out what's causing this or what i can do to trace the error. (i hope it is the memory, im now testing slots one by one with memtest86+)

Prime95 always crashes after 30s-5 minutes.

NOTE: my pc is running perfectly fine with normal usage. it can run for days. Only when playing heavy games or running prime95 its dead in 1-5 minutes (skyrim lasted for 3 hours before crash, nfs most wanted 15 minutes and BF3 ran fine for 30 mins aswell (bf3 never crashed))

In this rather large image are my system specs. All hardware is stock speed. and my BSOD error log.

CPU-Z image

Upgraded items
- i5-3570K (stock speeds and everything)
- AsRock z77 Extreme
- 4x 4GB LP veangeance cl9 (1333mHz)
- 128GB samsung 830 SSD
- 2000gb HDD

Old stuff
- 6950 2gb Dirt 3 edition (Tested with Furark = no errors)
- 850W OCZ ZX
- Scyte mugen 2 Rev .
- CM 690 advanced

Temps are normal (28-31 idle, 50 full load)

Thanks for your time,

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  1. Well I'm running Prim95 for 10 minutes now. I hasn't crashed so far with only one stick of RAM in one slot. (this is a 400% increase in running time compared to 16GB).

    Can i safely conclude one of my RAM modules is defect and my cpu/mobo is fine. Kept in mind RAM slot 2-4 might be broken though. At least its living again!
  2. the 6950 drivers some times cause BSOD too
  3. Thought i had the problem, stick #3 kills my pc.

    stick 1,2,4 runs prime95 just fine, no errors in 30 minutes
    stick 3 crashed within 5 minutes (maximum)

    memtest on stick 3 for 2 hours = 0 errors
    memtest on stick 3 for 6 hours = 0 errors.

    will it by my motherboard after all.

    And can i still rely on memtest (run 1 11 hours 0 errors with 16gb, run 2 8500 in 2 minutes...)
  4. check for dust on your motherboard ... hoover it if possible it could very well be an intermitant falt with that stick or slot ... Try #3 in slot 4 and see what happens
  5. Thanks for the reply,

    Well, i dont think dust will be the problem, since its a brand new mobo.

    My PC ran memtest last night for 6 hours , found no errors, (just with 8GB)
    Prime95 ran for 10 hours, one again no errors of whatsoever.
    (tried memtest and prime first on slot 1&3 and then on 2&4 so i assume the slots are okay)
    Furmark ran for 15 minutes, no sign of any errors on the GPU.

    I guess i finally have my stable PC. Let's hope it crashes instantly with the two other 4gb mem sticks. Then i will know for sure.
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