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Howdy everyone at toms. So I've got the itch to update a 6770 in my intel build running off of an 500 OCZ modxstream PSU(full details in my config). From everything I have seen, the 7850 vs 6950 are relatively close in terms of performance. I know once overclocked the 7850 will overtake the 6950 but I am unsure if my PSU would be up to the task to overclock. I was debating 7850-gtx 660-second hand 6950, I don't want to entertain a 7870 since with a little price jump I might as well pick up a 7950. I do not plan to replace my PSU anytime soon since I won't be running anything beefy in my intel build.

Is there room to overclock a 7850? Possibly even CPU to a modest 4ghz or so. At stock clocks I feel a 6950 is compelling assuming I get it at a second hand good price. I don't mind noise so much, the 6770 I have roars like crazy. Thanks guys and cheers.
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  1. Hi.

    the 6950 uses more power than a oc'd 7850 i think http://www.hwcompare.com/12077/radeon-hd-6950-vs-radeon-hd-7850/

    660 is better than the 7850, so depending on price . . . Prices of AMD seem to be dropping, so maybe wait a bit longer and buy a 7870.
  2. Hi i bought a 7850 over 6950 :D As robjordy said it uses more power....
    I have the gigabyte factory OCed version and its working fine for me........
    I bought it a few months ago...... and i would recommend waiting as robjordy has said prices are dropping.... and then buy a 7870....

    But if u are in a hurry u can buy the 7850...... Its still a good card
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