Screen tearing in desktop and browsing

Ok, so the problem isn't exactly tearing, but sometimes images remain visible.
For example when I scroll down a web page some parts of the screen remain with a still image. It's the same when I select icons on the desktop. It's as if a layer of the screen crashes and remains static until I mouse over it or change the image again. I tried to make a screenshot, but the error doesn't appear on the screenshot image (weird).
This happened right after I installed my videocard (ZOTAC GTX 660 ti AMP!).
I tried different driver editions (304, 305, 306.2, 306.23 - latest), tried wiping the drivers cleans with Cleaner, tried all the V-Sync options (adaptive, always on, adaptive - lower framerate).
The problem exist only when browsing in Chrome (i don't seem to have the same problem in Internet explorer).
I disabled the Nvidia 3D plug in for Chrome and tried all sorts of option setups (both global and for chrome only).
I have a second monitor through DVI+ converted to VGA and my primary monitor is DVI-. I tried unplugging the secondary monitor but that didn't help.
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  1. Only when browsing? Sounds like a dodgy Flash plugin to me. Make sure Flash is up to date.
  2. I have the same with Opera since i reinstalled Windows.

    I didn't do that before, now i also have all kind of pop-ups when there is a word typed like Intel etc. Really annoying.
  3. I see you've already played with Vsync settings. Try turning it off completely, and also check your monitor refresh rates.
  4. 60hz, the only available option. I tried tempering with the pre-buffered frames (i'm not really sure if it was supposed to help). But the problem also occurs on my desktop when I move icons. Generally I use my pc for browsing and gaming. And the picture crashes at websited without flash, like Guildwars2's header (that one crashes all the time, I use it as a tester).
  5. OK, so does this tearing happen at all under any circumstances except when browsing in Chrome?
  6. Yes, when selecting and moving icons on the desktop. I haven't had problems with other applications yet
  7. Could you maybe try testing with a different monitor and/or cable?
  8. I have that too. Disabling flash plugin helps in firefox, but then you cannot see flash videos, ads and flash-based websites.
  9. how much ram do you have? is your computer bogged down with progs running in the backround? how many resources are running if you looked in the [Processes] tab in Windows Task Manager?
  10. 8GB Corsair 1600mhz, no programs apart from the casual bloatware. Like I said, I associate it with the video card and I am worried it could be a hardware issue. I bought the video card rather cheap for the OC performance it has. I tried switching my monitor to my integrated motherboard DVI slot but it didn't start up. Could the issue be with the video card's DVI connection?
  11. possibly... use Dual-Link whenever possible to eliminate the cable from the equation - unless of course it doesn't have DL connection

    are you sure it's not getting close to overheating? are your temps normal?
  12. CPU is around 40/45 celsius while gaming (Guild wars 2 max details.) Motherboard is 30/35. I don't know how to get a reading on the GPU. But it seems like a bug, rather than overload. I thought the new nVidia drivers would fix that, but they didn't.
  13. does the problem persist if you remove the card?

    I use this for temps... and other info -
  14. The problem disappears when the card is removed. I tried the stock drivers again, that came with the CD. Problem still persists. I'm running the latest flash and java, although even when I disable Flash, nothing improves. Another annoying thing is that the onboard intel hd 3000 is completely disabled when I put the card in, so basically I can't use Lucid Virtu and I can't use my motherboard's VGA connector. Is that normal?
    Btw I checked that 'speccy' tool, it doesn't get a reading on the GPU, I guess it doesn't have a thermometer.
  15. Speccy should have worked. Try GPU-z to get readings on the card. If that doesn't work, the card is not being detected correctly.
  16. Temperature is around 40-43 celsius in game. I switched to Mozilla and I don't have browsing problems. The desktop, however, is still laggy.
  17. Any other input? I can't switch entirely to Mozilla because I use Chrome at work. Also other things flicker and tear, even the nVidia options windows, lol.
  18. Call tech support and RMA the card
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