Which GTX 670 would be best for a Silverstone Raven RV03?

I'm getting a Silverstone Raven RV03 case (vertical cooling, http://images.anandtech.com/doci/4501/finishedopen.jpg ) and I was wondering which GTX 670 would have the best temps in this case. Currently I have a Gigabyte GTX 670 OC with WindForce 3 which pulls air in the back of the case and vents it through the side and the front (according to this anyways, www.youtube.com/watch?v=LPV5WYx7Ri4) but I don't think this would be very good in the RV03, because the 180mm fans would just force air to go the other way. I'm considering the Asus GTX 670 DirectCU II OC, but currently it is $70 more than the Gigabyte (actually $25 more, but the Gigabyte had $45 instant savings). I have 6 days to return the card, so I need to decide quickly. Personally I think the Asus would be a better choice because it vents out the back, rather than drawing air in through the back (which would be heated due to the grill above the RV03 which might trap some air) only to have it blown right out the back again, but I just want some confirmation before I spend an extra $70.
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  1. the MSI PE 670 is awesome MSI Power Edition Architecture Boosts Overclocking Potential by 22.5%
    The MSI GTX 670 Power Edition graphics card is based on the MSI Power Edition architecture: Afterburner's Triple Overvoltage allows the GPU, Memory and PLL(Aux) voltages to be adjusted. The Enhanced PWM design provides 25% more current than the reference design to ensure high stability during overclocking.

    Twin Frozr IV: 20°C Cooler and 11.7dB Quieter than Reference Board
    The MSI GTX 670 Power Edition is equipped with MSI's latest Twin Frozr IV Thermal Design. MSI's exclusive Dust Removal technology automatically reverses the fans at startup to prevent dust build-up dust and optimize the cooling module's ability to dissipate heat.

    Patented Propeller Blade technology provides 20% more air flow over conventional fans and increases the effective cooling area. When combined with dual 8 cm temperature-controlled fans, SuperPipe technology, and a nickel-plated copper base, temperatures are effectively reduced by up to 20°C and noise by 11.7dB!

    MSI's GTX 670 Power Edition uses the famous Twin Frozr IV cooler from the MSI Lightning and comes with a large clock speed boost out of the box, making its default clock speed even higher than GTX 680 stock clocks. MSI is asking a $30 price premium for their card, which doesn't look unreasonable, given the improved cooling and higher clocks.
    The Asus 670 Top is the very best 670 i would personally be all over it for it's high factory overclock, improved cooler,heavily modified PCB, with an efficient VRM design to produce low temperatures, improved voltage regulation circuitry, much better Chil controller , specially binned chip and voltage control and monitoring support that you won't find on most other non-reference cards. It looks aggressive to me and indeed is quite a monster! Once you own it you realize :o http://imageshack.us/a/img692/9932/realsanta.jpg

    Uploaded with ImageShack.us Quote: "Overall the ASUS GTX 670 Direct CU II is the best card I ever tested. I simply can't find anything wrong with it". http://www.techpowerup.com/reviews/ASUS/GeForce_GTX_670_Direct_Cu_II/
  2. ^ what he said get the MSI 670GTX Power Edition or the Asus card. Ultimately your choice. I personally would side with MSI since they are my preferred brand
  3. ASUS 670 CU II TOP is a beast of a card, however unless you are willing to pay so much for a GPU you are better with MSI 670.

    Also if you are able to change your model consider a 7970, with the new drivers and the price cuts it is faster (especially with high levels of AA) and cheaper (there are expensive high end 7970 though- see Sapphire Vapor-X and Toxic versions)
  4. Hm, I hadn't considered the MSI card before. Just looked up reviews of both cards on TechPowerUp, the MSI one ran cooler even with max OC but the Asus card OC'd farther. Looked up the reviews for both cards on Guru3D and the Asus ran cooler but the MSI card OC'd farther. Noise levels between the 2 differ from site to site as well. Seems these cards are pretty evenly matched (not referring to the TOP edition), gonna be hard to pick between them.

    Edit: Been looking around and it seems Nvidia locked the voltages of all 670's and 680's, so the triple overvoltage feature of the PE and Lightning versions is useless.
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