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Hey guys. Im building a new computer. I dont feel like buying a brand new OS. I decided that im going to put my hard drive in my new build and install windows 7 on it. Is this illegal? Could this migration be possible?
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    Hi, your question isn't clear.

    If you have installed Win 7 on your current HDD, and you want install the same disk on your new rig, yes is legal IF THE WIN 7 IS LEGAL, but, bear in mind that you need re-install the windows, 'cause the driver of your current PC al new PC aren't the same.
  2. Clarification required on your intention.
    Are you saying that you have XP/Vista on the old drive and an upgrade copy of W7 which you want to use on the new build, using the version on the hdd to upgrade from?
  3. Sorry i didnt make myself clear. What im possibly going to do for my new build is taking off win 7 from my old computer and call microsoft and ask them if i can do the transfer. I know it is possible from what ive heard so it should be a piece of cake;)
  4. You don't need to remove windows 7 before moving the drive. You can transfer the hard drive, then use your disc to reinstall, or use the repair options to leave as is.
  5. It's perfectly within the license terms for you to do this if the you have a retail copy of Windows 7. If it's an OEM license, then it's not transferable between machines.
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