Does the manufacturer matter at all?

Being able to find sticks of memory that will actually work in your computer is definitely a lot easier than it used to be a few years ago. (It's still a pain, if you aren't sure what you're looking for, though) But, with all sorts of different manufacturers out there, how are we to know which one is better than any of the others? (or even, if there is anyone better than any others.) Does anyone have any insite on which manufacturer would be the best to go with? There's tons out there, and I've only heard bits and pieces of certain ones. (Usually only things like "Simpletech makes memory" or "Kingston makes RAM, too.")

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  1. Buy RAM from Crucial. Cheap, really good quality, great service.

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  2. I second that opinion. They offer unparalleled reliability at an economical price.

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  3. and again. in fact, EVERYBODY always reccomends crucial, its good memory and actually very cheap. the site has a nice thing where you select your system and it shows you what memory is compatable with it.

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  4. kingston ram has the samething i think. Kingston has been around for a very long time! Longer then crucial i think. Probably wrong though but i remember seeing kingston 4MB SIMMS. :)

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  5. Micron is cheap and good as well.

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  6. Err, n/m

    Crucial = Micron...I'm a n00b!

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  7. That's pretty much right speaking in Layman's terms.

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  8. I don't think Kingston has been around longer than Micron, and Crucial is Micron's retail outlet. In fact I had a 8MB Ram Upgrade card for AST 286's with Micron press-in chips on it (about 64 of them)!

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