Hat do you think about WD red?

Hello. Spooge here. I'm about to build my 2nd PC and I wanna know what you guys think about WD Red drives. I've never done research on them, so I'm "in the blue" on this one. I'm asking because the 3TB RED is on sale atm for 140. suggestions/thoughts? it's 21 percent off, so. Thanks!
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  1. oops. What*
    sorry bout that.
  2. Should've gone to hdd subforum
  3. Yea, any mod change it please LOL. Btw, Black is better. Good to bad: Black > Red > Blue > Green
  4. Okay. sorry. this is kind of related though. How much does 3TB of black cost? the reason I'm asking because this is super discounted atm.
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