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What to buy?? please help!

Hello i just want to ask here is the list of my prospect video cards that i want to buy hmm can someone help me which is better

Inno3d GT 440 1gb ddr5
Radeon HD 6670 1gb ddr3
Radeon HD 5750 512 mb ddr5
Radeon HD 5770 512 mb ddr5
ATI HD 7750 1gb ddr5 (bottleneck with my ram?)

My specs
Mobo: p5kpl-am epu
Processor: Dual Core 2.70 GHz.
PSU: 500 w hip psu

*please just the above video cards to compare i dont wanna be confused anymore hehe my budget is around $90 below but i can extend to $100 :cry:
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  1. avoid the 440, 5750

    The other three are roughly similar, I would choose the 7750 out of all of those. Less stress on your PSU...
  2. 7750 is the best card listed there - I'd recommend that
  3. 7750 is going to be your best bet, newest tech, going to run cooler with less power, doesn't require an extra power execpt what comes out of the PCI-E slot
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    Avoid anything with DDR3.

    Ram has nothing to do with bottlenecking your video card.

    The 7750 is good and very low power.
  5. ok thanks i just got confused on ati's website because according to it the minimun req of 7750 is 4 GB ram. :)
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  7. follow up question:

    will 7750 do well with 1600 x 900 resolution?
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