Belkin Wired Ethernet Router, Losing Connection with ANY online games, PC + PS3

Hi there, I've recently replaced my router with this Belkin (F5D7230uk4) Router, (this one without the wireless reciever )

Whenever it's used for online gaming, either on my computer, my playstation 3, or my brothers computer the router will lose connection after about 5minutes, then return within about 30 seconds. This happens every single time without exception, and have not been able to play for longer than 10minutes on any occasion since changing the router.

I've tried connecting straight to the modem and it all functions correctly with no problems, so I am certain that it is something that needs to be setup with the router. I've searched many forums and posts from people having similar problems, and followed instructions to disable router firewall, disabled UPnP and NAT etc with absolutely no success whatsoever.

Does anyone have any idea what the problem could be?

Thanks very much in advanced, Alexander.
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  1. Hi just an update, ive followed advice elsewhere to try pinging an address in the command console and seeing what happens when the connection is lost.

    I left this to run for about 10 minutes while just generally browsing, so this thing happens even if im not playing games, it just is not that noticable when browsing, but when playing I am immediately kicked from the server and cannot continue.

    Here is a screenshot of what happens.

    I really hope somone can help, thanks very much.
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