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Question About Purchasing A New Card

Firstly, what a great site this is, full of so much information and seemingly very helpful people :)

Im currently use a HD 5450 which is very poor, had i known when i purchased my pc 18 months ago i certainly would have picked something else! Im now looking to upgrade my but i think im quite limited to what i can run, my power supply is just 350w and from what i can see it has no spare cables to power a card either :(

So im thinking of buying a HD 7750 as from what i have read its should simply slot in due to its low power needs? I'd just like to know firstly, would this card work in my machine and be much of an improvement on what i have? And secondly, will it run games like PES 13, Civ V and Dirt 3 etc? I only really play football and racing games so hopefully they are not too needy for a super graphics card? I would like to play on a high res as i use a HD 26" LCD TV as my monitor.

Im from the UK and am hoping to purchase the card tomorrow from here

My specs are -

Hopefully that is everything you need.
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    Yes, the HD7750 should work okay in your system. I would not recommend you try any overclocking of the GPU, but otherwise you'll be fine.

    Good luck!
  2. Thanks the quick reply, will be ordering tomorrow :)
  3. Enjoy!
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  5. GreenDutchAlien said:

    Thank you, it should certainly be much much better than the 5450! :D
  6. It runs circles around it with one leg tied to his back. Beep, beep.
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