7950 voltage question =)

Hey all
So I've started slowly playing with overclocking my Sapphire 7950oc.
Default it's 900/1250.
I used CCC panel to bump it up to 925/1275.

Just curious what the VDDC voltage is supposed to be. If thats even the field I should be looking at.
All the research I've done on OC a 7950, they talk about a max voltage of "1.2v"
Using GPUz i dont know which field that should be.
There is
VDDC Current
VDDC Current In

I have a feeling "VDDC" is what I should be worried about.
Idle its around .805v
Under heavy load. 1.066v.
At any rate, CCC's overclocking feature has this minor 25mhz overclock nice and stable.
Kinda kicking around the idea of going higher but want to understand voltage and how to read it first.
thanks =)
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  1. Yes VDDC is your gpu voltage. Usually you don't need to worry about raising your voltage too high as you'll usually hit a temperature max before you reach your voltage max. I'd keep bumping up clock speed and voltage as needed while checking for stability. I'd say 80-90*C ish is a good place to stop overclocking.
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    EFG is right but even if you have awesome cooling you still have to take into account the fact that the VRM or other parts of the graphics card may fail or electromigration may occur inside the gpu chip at a very tiny scale, causing heat and possibly damaging something there, the heat sensors won't detect changes that small. I'm really not sure what voltages to recommend to you since I don't own a 7950 but I think something like 1.1v-1.2v would be perfectly fine? I've seen people on the internet who were overclocking their cards and they usually stop around 1.2-1.25v.
  3. Right on, thanks for the info =)
    I got it up to 950/1285 without having to touch voltage at all. Its stable and temp hardly changed, w00t!
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  5. I have a Sapphire 7950. After playing around with the overclock, I found the sweet spot for the voltage seems to be 1.175. (I was running 1.2 but dialed it back and was still stable with my overclock). Running 1.175 lets me easily hit 1100/1450 on my clocks.
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