Amd Fx processor with Nvidia Graphics Card

I love to match between fx processor and nvidia graphic video card, because there's lot worthy in gaming better than amd gpu itself.
For me it would do some awesomeness in the market, if nvidia would lower the price and the enthusiast of fx user using nvidia gpu itself.
trust me it more worthy, than you choose AMD apu or maybe intel for gaming, my reason why intel not recommend because it so F*****G expensive, if you agree lets talk about amd fx enthusiast using NVIDIA gpu would do some incredible experience, with the NVIDIA 3d Vision ready with 3d stereoscopic. i believe much gamer enthusiast like me to be honest, would choose amd fx processor with High end Nvidia Graphic to have lot of gaming experience.....
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  1. There are no issues getting AMD FX based systems to work with Nvidia GPUs. This is not an issue in the least.

    That being the case. What are you asking about? Your original post isn't clear.
  2. oh pardon my bad
  3. you can delete my topic i just want to discuss between fx processor using nvidia graphic card :)
  4. The CPU doesn't care which brand your GPU is, or vice versa.
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