Need help with a video card upgrade from two SLI'd Nvidia gts 240s.

Okay, so I'm running a three year old Dell XPS 630i that has two SLI'd nvidia GT 240's with 1gb of video ram each in it.

My System Specs.

I've been having a lot of problems with them lately (driver crashing and recovering in a loop then blue screening would be the main one, nothing seems to fix it and with the noise the card makes before it happens I'm pretty sure it's hardware related) and I want to upgrade to something newer. I'm not looking for the most amazing thing, I mostly play WoW and Diablo 3 but I do play new games so something relatively powerful would be good.

Apparently the XPS does have a mother board problem, where the PCI-e 16 only reads at an 8, but I'm not...that worried about it?

I'd be looking to spend around 200 dollars? If that's even feasible. I am honestly about five years removed from anything in the hardware game, so while I'm certain I can still install a card, I am not sure what to even look for. But in theory I'd be buying it in the next couple days. (Since the new WoW expansion comes out.)
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  1. i seem to see you mention that your pciex16 reads it as 8, maybe your mobo is dying or something?? i would firstly try to get new motherboard because whichever latest gfx card you buy, it will simply be not at its full potential due to your pcie slot problems.

    But if you decided to buy new motherboard, a 2nd gen core i3 or i5 at least then you can buy a gtx 660 or a hd 7850 starting at 210-250$.

    But i guess you dont have much money than 200$, so you would better be off with new build.
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